Charity Partners

All the funds raised from the Excellence in Housewares Awards night raffle is divided between two charities.

Housewares for the Homeless is a unique initiative set up by Award's organisers Progressive Housewares in conjunction with Shelter. The initiative helps previously homeless families settle into new homes with Shelter's support.

Since 2000, Housewares for the Homeless has also provided welcome packs of kitchen and dining essentials to previously homeless families in cities across the UK with, with many goods kindly donated by exhibitors at Exclusively Housewares.

The Rainy Day Trust helps people who have spent many years in the housewares and hardware industry but are now experiencing difficult times. Funds raised from the Excellence in Housewares Awards raffle provide Christmas hampers for beneficiaries, which in turn means these elderly people feel cared for and less isolated, lonely or depressed.